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What is Job Search Bootcamp? 

Job Search Bootcamp is the first of its kind, immersive job search program designed exclusively for college graduates who want to feel confident in their job search, job interviews and get paid. 


Learn How To: 

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Think Like a Hiring Manager 


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Get More Interviews


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Stand Out from the Rest


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Negotiate a Higher Salary

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Class 1 

Mindset and Knowing Yourself. In this class we use personality assessments and other tools to help you identify and feel confident communicating your strengths to employers.

➔ Class 2

Pre-Interview Fundamentals. In this class, we lay the groundwork for a successful job search, job interview and salary negotiation. 99% of candidates miss this step while preparing for their college to real world transition.

➔ Class 3

Digital Branding. In this class, we help you build a digital brand and position yourself as an expert in your desired field. This is critical if you want to stand out despite having working experience. 

➔ Class 4

Applying to Jobs & Job Interview Preps. In this class, we teach you how to reverse engineer your job search, apply for jobs the right way and begin preparing for your job interviews. We use 10+ years of recruiting tips and tricks to help you prep! 

➔ Class 5

Job Interview Prep Continued. In this class we continue your job interview so you can crush your job interview and land your job! Our goal is to help you interview like the top 10% of candidates so you can stand out and get an offer fast!

➔ Class 6

HOT SEAT Mock Interview. Now that you've prepped for your interview, it's time to put it into practice. One of you will be in the hot seat and receive on the spot coaching while the others watch and take down notes. 

➔ Class 7

Offer Stage & Salary Negotiations. Yes. Companies do have the bandwidth to pay more than you think. In this class, you will learn how to negotiate properly and fairly.  

➔ Class 8

Wrap Up & Career Coaching Panel. Handpicked hiring executives from various companies will conduct a live Q&A panel to answer all your questions. This is your opportunity to have direct access to some of the most sought after companies and their hiring managers. Do not miss this! 

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Melissa's Testimony 


See what students are saying about Job Search Bootcamp...

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Alex A., Wheaton, IL

This program was easy to follow and because of it, I was able to land a job before my friends. I liked how much access I had to Sasha. I wasn't expecting that she would be so available to answer questions. This program was really helpful. 

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Andy K., Barington, IL

This was worth every penny. Sasha taught me how salary negotiations work behind the corporate background and was able to get an offer 3K more than what the job was posted at.  They should be teaching this stuff in college. Thanks for your help Sasha. Good stuff.

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Ashley Z., Chicago, IL

Thank you for all your help Sasha! Your Linkedin networking tips helped me get an introduction to the CEO of a new company that was hiring. The CEO introduced me to his head of HR and eventually got an offer! I'm loving my job so far so thank you for everything! 

Program Options and Investment



What You Get

  • Job Search BootCamp
  • Job Search Vault Access
  • Private Community Support
  • Group Office Hours with Sasha
  • Hiring Manager Q&A Panel 



What You Get

  • Job Search Bootcamp
  • Job Search Vault Access
  • Private Community Support
  • Group Office Hours with Sasha
  • Hiring Manager Q&A Panel
  • Resume Redline
  • Daily 1:1 Check Ins with Sasha 
  • Linkedin Audit
  • 3 1HR Private 1:1 Video Coaching Sessions with Sasha


Brian's Testimony and More!



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Michael T., Chicago, IL

My college offered career services but it didn't help me prepare for my job search. Before Job Search Bootcamp, I was wasting hours applying to jobs and barely got responses. But working with Sasha taught me how to land more interviews without directly applying to companies. Her tips really helped me a lot. 

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Jason M., Baltimore, MD

Let's just say that my parents are much happier with me now that I have a job. It took me forever to find a job and they were nagging on me pretty bad. Thank God I was introduced to Sasha through a mutual friend who also went through this program. I learned so much and finally landed a job with a local tech company. I wish I knew this program existed months ago. I would've saved myself a ton of time. 

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Julia D., Chicago, IL

Thanks to Job Search Bootcamp I Just landed the job of my dreams working for a marketing firm I've been interested in for a while. I was nervous if I could find a good job during COVID and thanks to Job Search Bootcamp, I felt really confident going into my interview and did really well. I knew what questions to expect and how to sell myself really well. Thanks so much Sasha!!!

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Get Me Hired!

Marisa's Testimony 


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